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Our Primary Goal is to feed the hungry in our community, however we also provide many other resources like:

  • Food Distribution
  • Food Assistance (Food Stamps)
  • Medicare Health Insurance Assistance 
  • Referrals for Energy Assistance
  • Provide resources for the homeless, veterans, domestic violence and many more

Last Year we had the following accomplishments (FY July 2019 to June 2020

Friends and Neighbors Helped:

  • 38,035 Individuals
  • 9,946 Children ages 0-18
  • 11,305 Seniors

Provided 1,050,396 pounds of food

Volunteers donated 15,634 hours

Donors provided $96,303.77 which helps with:

  • Food Purchases
  • Fuel to transport food
  • Maintenance and repairs for our trucks to transport food
  • Maintenance and repairs for our food distribution center
  • Electricity, Heat, Gas, Water, and other utilities that support the distribution of food
  • Snow Removal
  • Storage

Our Food Bank operates with a highly dedicated Volunteers, Board Members, and our Operations Manager

  • Operations Manager: Liz Bauer
  • President: Mike Bauer
  • Vice President: David Hakes
  • Treasurer and Acting Secretary: Doug Moulding
  • Board Members: Karla Crowther, Sarah Nelson, Cliff Nelson,
  • Board Members: LaDana Castor, Henry Valenzulela, Lin Scott,
  • Board Members Michael Cantrell Smith

Non Profit Organization / IRS Code: Section 501(c)(3)